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29 Sing Woo Road, Happy Valley,  Tel. 2889 6368

Phone and Online Reservation Only ・ 僅限電話及網上訂座, 不設Walk-in

Le Grande Bleu



Le Grande Bleu restaurant is a Fusion French restaurant, located in the quiet and quiet area of Happy Valley, which is far away from the lively area, allowing guests to take a breather from the hustle and bustle of the city. We have a simple style menu using seasonal ingredients. Avoid the trouble of choice for guests, and enjoy a French feast easily.

Visit Le Grande Bleu for our Fusion French Fine Dining experience and discover what France has to offer. Our intentional distance from the busiest locations in the city, while serving only up to 20 guests at a time, ensures a truly personal experience. During the dinner, we will serve a series of extraordinary French cuisine, which will take you to appreciate the French flavor and cooking methods from an angle you have never seen before.                           

Le Grande Bleu餐廳是一間新派法式餐廳,位於跑馬地清幽小區比較遠離熱鬧的位置,讓客人在繁囂市區中得到一絲喘息,我們設有採用時令食材、風格簡明的餐單, 免卻客人選擇的煩惱, 輕輕鬆鬆享受一頓法式盛宴。

前往Le Grande Bleu 享受我們的新派法式Fine Dining 體驗,探索法國的無限韻味。我們的故意比較遠離市區最熱鬧的位置,同時一次只會招待最多20名賓客服務,確保提供真正個人化的體驗。席間,我們將奉上一系列非同凡響的法式料理,帶您從前所未見的角度領略法式風味與烹調之道。

Phone and Online Reservation Only ・ 僅限電話及網訂座



Le Grande Bleu  

29 Sing Woo Road, Happy Valley

​Tel. 2889 6368

Monday to Sunday 6pm-11pm

Phone and Online Reservation Only ・ 僅限電話及網訂座

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